At Lauren’s English Lessons, it’s our passion to help you improve your English and learn more about American culture.

We know that your language ability and cultural understanding can help give you more success and opportunities for business, communication, friendship, education, daily life and much more!

Lauren has always been passionate about helping people improve their English. Before officially starting Lauren’s English Lessons in 2012, she spent several years teaching conversational English classes to international graduate students at Texas A&M University through a volunteer organization.

After graduating with a degree in International Studies with a minor in Russian language from Texas A&M University and earning a TESL/TESOL/TEFL certification (ESL certification), she taught English in Tainan and Hsin-chu, Taiwan. Back in the States, Lauren taught group lessons in grammar, conversation, and speaking with a local language school and worked as a Program Manager at the Korean-owned SAT Solutions Test Prep Center for a year, helping organize and build programs that would help high-school students improve their English as well as their performance on standardized college-entrance exams. She also taught for 2 years as the high-school reading teacher there, where many students had recently immigrated from Korea and sought to improve their English.

Since 2012 Lauren’s English Lessons has been offering English lessons in both casual and professional settings. We have worked with employees from a variety of companies such as Schlumberger, ExxonMobile, Koras, SK, Tadono, GE, Marathon Oil, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and many others including several various international consulates. We also offer lessons in more casual setting for every-day English. Some students prefer to learn English while drinking coffee and discussing essential things like how to talk to children’s teachers or classmates’ parents or how to make small talk with the guy at the coffee shop or how to demand in effective English that your landlord fixes your problem immediately.

We have taught students from all over the globe, from all different language backgrounds. Some countries include: China, South Korea, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Turkey, Iraq, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, Spain, France, Switzerland, Nigeria, Burundi, and many others.

Lauren has traveled to over 50 foreign countries exploring culture and language. She spent time studying in St. Petersburg, Russia and teaching in Tainan and Hsinchu, Taiwan. Her travels help her better understand the culture and background of our students. She loves learning about her students’ cultures, just as much sharing her own with them. Her travels and study of other languages have given her a more rounded grasp of the English language and a deeper understanding the challenges of learning a new language and culture.

At Lauren’s English Lessons we hire only the most qualified teachers who will teach with passion and energy. We want to help you improve your English so you can follow wherever life leads you with confidence!