ESL Kids K-12

Does your child need to improve his/her English skills? We provide personalized tutoring for any students who need help improving! We offer lessons to help improve reading, reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, spelling, and of course speaking and listening.

Most kids will learn English successfully through their ESL program at school. But sometimes, a little tutoring help can give them an advantage and help them succeed more quickly!

Like our other English programs, we customize our lessons to fit your child’s needs.

Our rate is $50 per hour of study time. But we also offer pre-paid package deals.

Pre-paid package of 10 lessons of 1 hour = $450.
Pre-paid package of 20 lessons of 1 hour = $900.

Text, SMS, Kakao, Line : 281-433-5659

Note: You may call, but please leave a message with your name if no one answers.