Lauren is skillful in all the facets of her teaching. I have gained valuable knowledge and experience that are helping me in my day to day activities.

Furthermore, she is constantly organizing extra curricular activities to help students build a better understanding of American customs, culture, and geography. I highly recommend her.

Christian finance & admin, Marathon Oil

Lauren is a great and very patient teacher. She easily adjusts to need of a particular student, even a very beginner. I hired Lauren to teach my wife who recently came to the US. At first, my wife was unable to even order coffee at Starbucks without my assistance, so shy she was in her poor English language skill. Lauren taught her for about half a year. And now, my wife gets around and communicates well. Recently she was even able to pass the driver’s license test, all without me. Most of this progress is no doubt due to Lauren’s teaching. I would recommend Lauren to all who want to learn English, beginners and intermediates alike.

Oleg Ph.D. Vice-President for R&D, Lumina Geophysical, LCC

I took Lauren’s private classes and can say that my english improved so much in those 5 months. She was always concerned about my needs and how to achieve my goals. Besides, she is always looking for extra activities where we can learn a little bit more about American culture, history and way of life.

Daiane electrical engineer, ONS

One day, after my English class with Lauren (we usually have class in a cafe) a woman sitting near us, who happened to be an English teacher too, approached me and told me that my teacher was really good! It’s true; I have made huge improvements and I really enjoy having class with Lauren!


Lauren used various methods and teaching materials to help me comprehend each English term. She always encourages students to ask more questions and challenges our oral skills. Besides, she is very supportive even after class.

Miso Ph.D. Health disparities analyst, UTMB

Before I started lessons with Lauren, I was so intimidated by speaking English to native speakers. She helped me get rid of my fear and helped me become comfortable speaking to other Americans. Wow! 

Jaeeun hospital translator

She is very responsible, punctual, nice and very professional. I will recommend her for everyone.

Waree MD Anderson

Lauren is a great teacher. She genuinely cares about the learning experience of each student. She is dedicated and responsible. She goes above and beyond to not only teach English but to enrich the cultural experiences of her students. I highly recommend Lauren!

Liana orthodontist

Lauren helped me understand American expressions. She also helped me build my confidence when spelling words in English; instead of giving me an answer of how to spell a word, she’d say, ‘you do it! And I will correct you if you are wrong

Tatiana yoga instructor

We hired Lauren to teach English to my 71 years old father. After 4 classes, I can already see improvement. He’s enjoying his virtual classes a lot 🙂


Lauren is knowledgeable, professional and helpful.


We just started with Lauren and both my wife and son are extremely happy with Lauren’s style, personality, and the way she teaches.


I have learned so much with Lauren. Her lessons were engaging, useful and she was very patient with me. As a student, you feel pushed to learn and try out new competencies, feel supported and confident. She also helped me improve with conversation for an interview. I honestly would never have passed if it was not for her help! She’s amazing on what she does. I highly recommend!


Just what I needed for my daughter, and she passed her GED English subject test. Best experience with a teacher.